Let’s Ferry to Mykonos!

This article primarily aims to help you book ferry tickets to Mykonos but we couldn’t do that without sharing a few words on the island.

Choosing a topic for the first post in, what practically is, a Greek Island travelling blog was a bit easy.

If globalized traditional was a thing that would definitely be Mykonos. Possibly more famous than Greece itself, this island manages to flaunt its’ Cycladic identity and yet be able to host and satisfy pretty much anyone who decides to spend their vacation on it.

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World-class partying is probably the reason why you first heard about this holiday destination. If you’ve been there, or merely looked into it, you already know that it’s one of the few places in the world where insanity can actually meet relaxation.

The sandy beaches are gorgeous, some of them host massive beach bar parties while a select few are there for those who want to enjoy the clear, refreshing waters of the Aegean within a quieter environment.

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Strolling the narrow alleys of the Hora (Main town) you’ll mingle with the diverse, multicultural crowd which includes the numerous celebrities that adore the island. So, if you are a celebrity nobody is going to bother you much, little Venice, the island’s most famous neighborhood, will be like your natural setting, but you probably already know that.

The traditional windmills are somewhat of a common sight on the island, in fact, the legend has it that there is one for every design available. They will also be part of your holiday photo album since they are gorgeous. After being amazed by the Cycladic architecture you could also visit the Archaeological or the Mykonos Folklore Museum, as well as the Aegean Maritime Museum.

In Mykonos you may enjoy the Greek cuisine in either its’ traditional or modernized form. While the Greek recipes and Mediterranean ingredients are dominant in the Myconian restaurants there are places where you can enjoy western or eastern dishes as well as the archetypal and delicious Greek souvlaki.

However, don’t let the island charm you and spend all of your time in Greece there. Seize the opportunity to board one of the high speed ferries that link the island to the rest of the Cyclades. Always remember, Santorini, Paros, Ios and many other islands can be reached in no more than a couple of hours.

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More specifically, if you need to travel to Mykonos from Piraeus, Athens’ main port, you may choose to travel with Blue Star Ferries, the only company that runs daily itineraries all year long. Prices are good too, passenger tickets start at 36€ and special offers are made every now and then, the trip however lasts about 5 and a half hours.

During the “high” season (April – September) there are itineraries carried out by high speed vessels from companies like Seajets that take half the time but cost almost twice the money, e.g. for a 2h 45′ trip with seajest the economy tickets cost 60€. You can reach Piraeus by metro (approx 1h 15′)

If you’re travelling from Rafina, the secondary Athenian port you’ll be please to know that there are at least two itineraries offered daily all year long, while in the summer they rise to 5 daily or even 6 on Fridays. From rafina, regular ferries need about 4h 40′ to reach Mykonos with ticket prices starting at 29€, while high speed vessels need about 2h 20′ with ticket prices starting at 55€.

What you need to bear in mind is that the port of Rafina is close to the Athens Airport, however transportation is much more difficult. There is no metro line reaching that port so Rafina would be a better option if you rent a car for your holidays, or you could just get a taxi to the port. For those wondering it regularly is a 25′ drive but you usually run into traffic around disembarkation times.

In both cases, the early itineraries embark at around 7.30 a.m. while during the busier months there are some available in the afternoon. (15.30 or 17.30)

What happens when you want to visit nearby islands? Well, there’s great news, most of these itineraries link Mykonos to the other Cycladic islands as well as they do not follow direct routes. As an indication, you can reach Santorini from Mykonos in 3h with high speed vessels that disembark up to six times a day (in the summer).

Less frequent itineraries may take you to Paros or Naxos in under an hour, while most of the Cyclades are no more than a couple of hours away. Mykonos might be gorgeous, but it would be a waste not to visit some of our other gorgeous islands, so take your picks and plan ahead for a perfect summer holiday.

You will be satisfied to know that roughly all 2016 itineraries have been announced, so you may visit letsferry.com in order to select the one that fits your holiday and book your tickets! For more information on ferry companies visit the appropriate page.

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