Let’s Ferry… in a cabin!

A deck is the perfect place to travel when the weather is rather poor and the vessel you boarded is making you feel more nauseous than comfortable. You get to look straight at either absolutely nothing, or possibly the island you’re headed to, or even one you’ll be passing by, on the horizon; you start “moving” along with the vessel and focusing away just actually helps. Other than that, decks are either too hot during summer days, cold during other days, and nights, and really only might serve you when looking for a place to smoke.

Travelling in a lounge can be rather sociable as you’ll be sitting in a comfortable chair, or an airplane type seat if you opted for one, amidst people that are headed to the same destination as you. A cup of coffee or a snack will always be within short reach since there usually is a cafe for every lounge at most ferries that operate in Greece. In case you reserve a seat at a private lounge you’ll probably enjoy all that in a more quite environment. Plus you’ll always be able to “hit the deck” if you feel the need to breath some fresh air rich in the smell of the Greek seas.

But what if your trip is lasting more than 3 or 4 hours? A trip to the Dodecanese or the northern Aegean islands, for example, could last 10 or more hours Or you landed in Athens early in the morning after a sleepless night flight and headed straight to the port to board a ferry to the islands? Wouldn’t a serene cabin with comfortable beds offer the rest you need to seize you holiday from the moment you set foot on your destination? It would definitely be way more friendly to your pets than a kennel.

pet cabin
Nana’s adorable lab enjoying the sunrise from their cabin’s window!

There are no more than a couple of facts that you know when it comes to cabins. They are either internal, which practically means they have no window with a view outside or external, which, unlike internal cabins do have windows that offer you a view to the sea, or the ports. Other than this basic difference, their name suggests the number of beds they offer, e.g. 2-berth, 3-berth etc and you can either book a whole cabin a just a single bed in the cabin. Bear in mind that some companies allow you to book a larger cabin e.g. 4-berth for 3 people and some don’t so it would be wise to book a cabin early.

Other than that, there are luxury cabins, which always have windows with a view outside and are larger than regular cabins, just like their beds. Last but not least, pure cabins, which feature a specially designed air and surface purification system that makes them ideal for passengers with asthma, or certain allergies or infants, who should always be in a protected environment.

Another very important detail, is that cabins aren’t always much more expensive than regular economy seats, especially for larger groups of passengers. Even without certain active offers, cabins might make quite a compelling option in terms of price as well and we’ll provide a couple of examples to support that.

Booking a round trip for 4 people, from Piraeus to Naxos, with a ferry that leaves at 7.30 in the morning, possibly right after that night flight we discussed, would cost 324€ in case you opted for the comfy airplane type seat tickets, which cost 40.50€ each. However, a 4-berth cabin, which would definitely guarantee that you’d enjoy a 5-hour sleep before you reach your destination would cost 360€, or 36€ more, which could be the money you’ll be saving by sleeping instead of having a proper meal on board!

If you think that cabins always cost more, even if it’s as low as 10% more you are wrong. There are cases where a cabin could cost less than economy tickets. Travelling to Rodos from Piraeus by Ferry takes approximately 15 hours and that’s a rather long trip, so it would make sense to book a cabin, wouldn’t it? Well, the good news is that, with the special blue star ferries discount for 4-berth cabins, a 4-member family, or 4 friends would be able to book a standard internal 4-berth cabin which would cost 59.5€ per person. That  is 3.5€ less than the economy ticket which costs 63€ per person. The discounted price would be 238€ instead  of the 308€ initial price or the 252€ that would be the total price for economy tickets. In case you are wondering, the price for a 4-berth cabin with view would be 264€, or, roughly, a fifth of a an economy ticket more.

Our advice to you for booking ferry ticket to the Greek islands is to always check all options for your trip, since a special ferry cabin offer could actually make it much more comfortable for a little more, or even less money.


Disclaimer: The prices stated were valid at the time of the article’s publication and might have changed since.