Let’s Ferry “on” Patmos

Patmos is such a nice island, so nice that Blue Star Ferries named one of their vessels after it, Blue Star Patmos. Thus, instead of being limited to only travelling to Patmos you may indeed travel on, it. Funny thing though that Patmos doesn’t currently travel to Patmos.

Having heard a passenger travelling on Patmos comment how ferries “don’t have to be that clean” the vessel, and the company, have indeed received a rather significant compliment. One should note however, that ferries usually aren’t that newas well. The construction of Blue Star Patmos finished in 2012 so it’s merely four years… new!

At 146 meters long it is one of the larger ferries that travel to the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. It boasts a rather impressive 2000 passenger capacity and a garage that can park up to 430 cars. Passengers may choose between economy seats placed in the vessel’s lounges, aircraft type seats and of course may travel in one of the vessel’s 90 cabins, some of which are even pet friendly. Lux cabins are available to book too.

So since the Blue Star Patmos isn’t travelling to Patmos during the summer, where can one travel on it? As many can imagine a star-vessel would travel to star-destinations.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, it leaves the Port of Piraeus at 17.30, reaches Paros at 21.45, Naxos at 22.45, Donoussa at 00:15 (next day) and goes on to reach Amorgos at 01:10 and Astypalaia at 02:50, connecting the Cyclades to the Dodecanese. It execute the reverse itinerary starting at Astypalaia at 05:15, reaching Amorgos at 06:55, Donoussa at 07:50, Naxos at 09:30, Paros at 10:45 and finally Piraeus at 15:00.

On Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays the vessel reaches 6 islands of the Cyclades. Leaving Piraeus at 17.30, it reaches Syros by 21.10, Paros by 22.30, Naxos by 23.35 and on the early hours of the next day, Ios at 01:00, Santorini at 02:10 and Anafi at 03:40. It then follows the reverse route to Piraeus, starting from Anafi at 04:00 and reaches Santorini by 06:45, Ios by 07:55, Naxos by  09:30, Paros by 10:45 and Piraeus 14:45.

The schedules however are much more boring than pictures of the islands so take a look right below!


This feature would of course have been incomplete if there was no mention on ticket prices.

Economy tickets range from 31.5€ το 40€
Airplane type seat tickets range from 36.5€ το 45€
A single berth in a 4berth cabin ranges from 47.5€ το 62€ and in a 2berth cabin from 54.5€ το 70.5€
The prices are directly related to how far the destination is, the lowest are for Syros which is the closest and the highest are for Anafi, the furthest.

Blue Star Patmos is one of the means that help visitors hop around the ever-popular Greek islands and an excellent choice for those planning to leave from Athens to an island in the afternoon. To book tickets with this ferry just visit www.letsferry.com