Let’s Ferry to 3 alternative winter destinations!

Most people wrongly believe greek islands are only summer destinations. The bigger islands are really “hot” winter destinations. We present the TOP 3: Corfu, Rhodes and ofcourse Crete!

Maybe the weather doesnt make you feel like swimming or sunbathing but you can take a stroll at the beach and listen to the sound of the waves while gazing at the endless sea or you can lie on the sand and read your favorite book. When you visit these beautiful islands in winter there are so many positives some of them are you can enjoy relaxing walks, visit museums and archaiological places without having to wait in the line and you can find another aspect of Greece! For some people only the things I write above will be all they need to proceed with their next winter trip in greek islands, lets see objectivly the top 3 destinations to create an image even for the more skeptikal!


Corfu is full of traditions and unique costums all year long. There are fewer people than summer and because of this we suggest you find a central location to stay so you can easily access all the open stores. You cannot miss the walks in the beautiful and small paths in old town. Especially at afternoon hours when everything is lighten up houses, churches, the fortress, that makes their architecture jump out of the picture!

If a rainy day appears get to the nearest local kafenion for a hot beverage, it is said that you can find the best hot chocolate in Corfu town! Do not forget to visit mountain villages, the routes will amaze you!


An alternative winter getaway in the largest island of Dedocanisa,Rhodes. The atmosphere on the island at winter is magical, it makes you feel that you don’t want to leave. You can find easily central location to stay since there arent that many tourists around this time of year.

Take walks at the old town, you feel like you take a journey through the history of this special island. The pace of living is slower this season, benefit from the outstanding view and all the comforts you can enjoy!


You may have visited Crete in summer and enjoyed the beautiful beaches and the sunny days, but Crete can provide to you as many things as a winter destination can, or maybe even more!!! You can enjoy the sea, do wavesports, but you can also visit the snowy mountains! If you arent a big fun of snow you can always go hiking or visit traditional villages outside of big cities.

If you want to get warm after playing with snow or because of the cold weather make a stop at the traditional kafenion and drink raki!!!


No matter what your destination is book your tickets here Let’s Ferry and bon voyage!