Let’s Ferry from Heraklion to Santorini, the absolute combination!

When you try to find the ideal vacation we must suggest to you this unique combination of destinations Heraklion and Santorini, Crete and Cyclades. Beauttiful Crete meets the romantic Cyclades. Both destinations have their roots far in mythology and only by that you feel the special bond they share. At Heraklion Zeus with Europe create the Minoans, the people that create the first big civilization, Santorini, like Venus the goddess of love, emerged from sea.

Heraklion is the biggest civil center in Crete and all visitors are able to find anything they like or need, this is due to the unique geographical position that connects 3 diferent continets and many diferent civilizations. It is no coincidence that traditionally is concidered one of the most attractive cities in Mediterranean!!!


You can find so many things to do, there are wonderfull sights that you can admire, there are routes to go walking or bicycling or by car! There are many traditional villages near the city of Heraklion they will outstand you with their beauty and their tradiotional architecture. Do not forget to taste the Cretan cuisine before you depart from the beautiful Heraklion to the romantic Santorini!


While you say goodbye to Heraklion and you still have the taste of olive oil and wine start start getting ready for another unique experience that begins in Santorini. Many poets and writers have been inspired by the beauty of Santorini and there will be many more to get inspired by this magestic view.


It is not a coinsidence that over the past 30 years thousands of people from around the world have gotten married or spend their honey moon travel in Santorini. This special architecture you will notice is due to the protection residents wanted to feel against pirate invasions, all houses were built so close to each other you cannot understand at first sight where one house starts and where it ends.


In the small paths all around the island you can find many places for entertainment, rest and any kind of shops to do your shopping. While you wander in Santorini enjoy the beautiful view that looks like a painting with all these small and big white – blue houses and the blue sky above your head, it feels like fairytale.

If you want to live this unique adveture book your tickets here Let’s Ferry! There are at least two routes everyday yearly from Heraklion to Santorini!