Nearby Getaways in Argosaronic Part 1

A stone’s throw from Athens is located the complex of Argosaronic islands. These islands are ideal destinations for short breaks. There you can discover beautiful seaside scenery, incredible beaches, mansion buildings and unique hospitality.


Aegina is the second largest island of the Argosaronikos. According to Greek mythology, Aegina took its name by the daughter of God Asopos Aegina. She fell in love with the god Zeus, who abducted her to Oinonis island, which later renamed as Aegina. It is worth mentioning that in the period 1826 – 1829 it was designated as the first capital of the Greek state. Aegina, due to its natural beauty and its geographical location, is an ideal destination for a few days excursions in any season. The island has many great sights, beautiful villages and suburbs that are worth exploring.

Temple of Aphaia built in Doric order, dates back to about 500 BC. The temple surprises you both by its beauty and architecture. It is said that along with the Parthenon temple in Athens and the temple of Poseidon in Sounio forms an isosceles triangle.

The Tower of Markellos is dated back to the 17th century. It was a Venetian tower used as observatory. The last renovation took place in 1802 by Spyridon Markelos and during the 1826-1828 era. In this building constituted the first Greek anti-government committee.

On the other side of Paleochora hill and only 6 km from the port you will find the Monastery of Agia Triada. In that place during the Byzantine years there was another monastery dedicated to Zoodochos Pigi. It was restored in 1904 by Saint Nektarios. The current name of the monastery is Agia Triada, it is also known as the Monastery of Saint Nektarios.

Paleochora or else the “Argosaronic Mystras”, is the place in which the locals had taken refuge in 896 AD. in order to protect themselves from the raids of the Sarakin corsairs. Nowadays, all you can find is scattered ruins remains from the Byzantine city and about 35 churches, most of those decorated by frescoes of various seasons from the 13th to the 18th century. The top of Paleochora is dominated by a beautiful castle built by the Venetians in the 17th century.

But beyond the sights, Aegina is a destination that offers attractive sandy beaches with clear blue-green waters, ideal for water sports and relaxation. You can read a book or enjoy your coffee by enhancing the beauty of the landscape.

Just 4 km from the port you will find the beach of Marathon. It consists of 2 successive organized beaches whose main features are the sandy beach and the dense vegetation.

At 8 km from the town of Aegina we meet the beach of Aiginitissa. The vegetation reaches the sandy organized beach. In combination with the turquoise waters, Aiginitica is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

On the other side of the island we find Agia Marina. The beach of Agia Marina consists of about half a kilometer of sandy area and is framed by a pine forest which in some places reaches the sea.

Approximately 4 km from the 2nd largest port of the island, Souvala, we meet Vagia. It is a small village which is an excellent destination for peaceful and relaxing family holidays. The village port on the right and left is surrounded by 2 sandy beaches.

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Just a short drive from Piraeus, Agistri is an island covered by pines. It is beautiful tourism destination in the heart of the Saronic bay. On this island there are 4 villages, Megalohori, Skala, Limenaria and Metohi.

In Megalohori, which is the capital of the island, there are 2 beaches characterized by clear blue waters. Both beaches offer the choice of sand or pebbles.

Scala has 2 organized beaches, providing all the comforts to the tourists due to their coffee places, bars and hotel facilities.

Following the road to the left of Skala, we find two more beaches. The first one is the organized beach of Skliris, with green-blue waters and wonderful view of Argosaronikos. About half a kilometer through the pine trees we meet the beach of Chalikiada. This beach is consists mostly by pebbles and stones. The sea level becomes steep deep.

In the western part of the island, is the beach of Aponisos where the vegetation reaches the sea. The combination of landscape colors travels your mind to exotic places. The blue waters with the pine trees that surround the beach offer tranquility and relaxation. The beach is organized. For our adeventurous friends, there is the choice of water sports.

Finally south of Megalohori, we reach the beach of Dragonera, which is consisted by the small and the big Dragonera. These beaches are mostly covered with pebbles, they have crystal clear blue waters and vegetation that reaches the sea.

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